Tango de los Caballos Negros

While waiting for a good weather window, three friends enjoy the slow life in Chaltén.

Género: Documental
Formato: 1080 x 1920 HD
Duración: 20:24’
Año de producción: 2022
Pais: Argentina

Direction: Alvar Puente
Production: Damian Benegas
Producer: BBEProductions
Edition: Manuel Benito
Cinematographer: Nils Bailey

Pedro Navarro, Yanic Tissera, Nils Bailey

Director Biography – Alvar Puente

A mature narrator with a 19th century naturalist point of view, intellectually eclectic, interested on every aspect of humanity involved in nature, lives his life coherently with his thoughts, biologist in his studies, father in his soul, climber on his free time and writer in his dreams, negotiates his time in between job and paternity trying to develop himself as a storyteller on any way he can. He explored every area of the filming process with the Benegas Brothers Productions since 2013 and participated already on a few short adventure films. As a debutant filmmaker his view is above all humanistic, on an area that is naturally magnificent and heroic, he tries to put the characters in front of the activity trying to approach the general audience to the adventure and extreme sports.
As he says: “if we go there, we have the moral obligation to share the experience”