What We Do


Expert Mountaineering. Unparalleled Footage.

Make Your Vision a Reality.

BBP is capable of carrying out film sessions of various scales by expert mountain cameramen who are able to work in multiple terrains.

Aerial Images

BBP has state-of-the-art drones, providing exceptional aerial images by certified operators with vast experience. It also enables helicopter and communication management.

Photography & VFX

BBP offers a comprehensive photographic service. It specializes in capturing still photographs and images for use in VFX.


We have a database of ideas and portfolios of projects in development.

Post Production

We have a specialized team in editing and montage capable of achieving the entire production process in-house for your project.

Combining decades of mountaineering, cutting-edge camera techniques, and state-of-the-art equipment, our industry-leading team gives you an exceptional production experience. Even better,you get high quality footage that showcases your ideas, captures attention, and delivers a powerful message straight to your target audience.

We give you expertise in:

  • High altitude camera deployment operation up to 8000m

  • Heavy lift aerial photography services

  • Ultralight Sony 4k Raw Operation & Workflow

  • Still photography services