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At BBE Productions, we create powerful footage of our planet's wildest corners, highest peaks, and breathtaking vistas. Finally, you've found the world's premier mountaineering and camera team.
From high altitude camera operation to remote location scouting, production management to consulting, BBE breathes life into your vision. Here, we bring the natural world into focus; igniting your deepest spirit of adventure.

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What we do


Film Production

From corporate video production to adventure travel film making, hotel & resort marketing to video biographies, business branding videos to documentaries, and expedition filmmaking; BBE Productions brings a magic touch to projects across diverse genres.

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Productions Library

Our extensive film and photo library includes spectacular climbing footage from many of the most impressive mountains on earth. This raw footage is held in our library, ready to be processed and converted into short clips and movies that showcase our travels, adventures, and inspiring team experience.

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South America natives and co-owners of Benegas Brothers Expeditions, twin brothers Damian and Willie specialize in leading inspiring travel experiences throughout the Himalayas, Andes, Alaska, Pakistan, Africa, and Europe.

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Espn Adventure

In 2010, ESPN Adventures contacted the Benegas Brothers, asking them to create and produce an adventure series chronicling their travels over seven continents. Since 2011, over 80 episodes have been created… and there's no sign of slowing down.

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