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Because of our deep, intimate knowledge of each travel location, we give you a truly personalized service; putting you in touch with your destination's authentic local culture and unique environment. With experience in the Andes Mountains, Latin America and the Himalayas.


BBP is dedicated to providing services to other production companies in terms of scouting and access to remote locations for filming, securing the best spaces to shoot their project, taking into account the logistics required for each one.

Set assembly in remote locations

BBP offers planning, consulting, and execution of infrastructure and facilities for carrying out a shoot in complex terrains, providing all the necessary services to comfortably complete your projects.

Digital Scouting

Through the use of virtual maps and GPS tracking, and analysis of types and elevation of terrains, we remotely present locations in Argentina, Peru, Chile and Colombia, with our own photography and video support, created in previous expeditions and filming.

With extensive experience in Patagonia, the Andes Mountain Range, Latin America, and the Himalayas, BBP puts all this expertise at the service of the needs of each project, to make the most of each location with world-class experts by your side.


  • Remote location scouting and access

  • Logistical production services specializing in remote areas and countries

  • Story development and production design

We give you expertise in:

  • High altitude camera deployment operation up to 8000m

  • Heavy lift aerial photography services

  • Ultralight Sony 4k Raw Operation & Workflow

  • Still photography services

  • Climbing and skiing training for crew and talent

  • Stunt double work in all mountainous terrain

  • Avalanche hazard management

  • General risk management in mountainous environments

  • Logistical production services specializing in remote areas and countries

  • In-house cinematography equipment

  • Story development and production design

Whether you're dealing with high altitude, technical terrain, extreme temperatures and weather, avalanche hazard, or a production team unfamiliar with mountain travel; BBE guides facilitate an efficient and safe experience for you and your company. Our industry-leading crew is ready to travel anywhere worldwide within a few days' notice. At last, you've found the perfect fit for your production needs.

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