La Travesía de Corsario

The Corsario Traverse is a short film about sport climbing. Martina will try to make an emblematic route while reflecting on the sense of success in sport, enjoyment, pressures and the ultimate goal, generating an analogy between reality and retro-style video games from the 80’s.

Client: Passion Project
Genre: Documentary Short, Animation
Format: 1080 x 1920 HD
Duration: 19:15’
Year: 2021
Country: Argentina

Direction: Bianca Fidani
Production: Alvar Puente
Producer: BBEProductions
Writer: Alvar Puente
Assistant Director: Aldana Suez
Editing: Manuel Benito
Main Camera: Nils Bailey
Animation: Milo Sánchez Bengtsson

Cast: Martina Rodriguez Oyola