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We give you expertise in:

  • High altitude camera deployment operation up to 8000m

  • Heavy lift aerial photography services

  • Ultralight Sony 4k Raw Operation & Workflow

  • Still photography services

  • Climbing and skiing training for crew and talent

  • Stunt double work in all mountainous terrain

  • Avalanche hazard management

  • General risk management in mountainous environments

  • Logistical production services specializing in remote areas and countries

  • In-house cinematography equipment

  • Story development and production design

Whether you're dealing with high altitude, technical terrain, extreme temperatures and weather, avalanche hazard, or a production team unfamiliar with mountain travel; BBE guides facilitate an efficient and safe experience for you and your company. Our industry-leading crew is ready to travel anywhere worldwide within a few days' notice. At last, you've found the perfect fit for your production needs.

Let's Get Your Show on the Road…