Tic Toc

A group of explorers tries to get to -after a failed attempt- the Trébol Lake, crossing through the Valdivian rainforest in the Aysen region, in Chile. This way, delving deeper into the world of exploration, the depth of nature and friendship.

Client: Passion Project
Genre: Documentary
Format: 1080 x 1920 HD
Duration: 19:54’
Year: 2019
Country: Argentina

Direction: Bianca Fidani y Nils Bailey
Production: Damian Benegas
Producer: BBE Productions
Editing: Manuel Benito
Script: Alvar Puente
Voice-over: Alvar Puente
Animation: Bernabé Rode
Color Corection: Daniel Mendoza

Pablo Passera
Iñaki Odriozola
Emiliano Chiarotto
Damian Benegas
Jorge Barone