ESPN Adventure

In 2010, ESPN Adventure contacted the Benegas Brothers, asking them to create and produce an adventure series chronicling their travels over seven continents. Since 2011, over 150 episodes have been created.
The series was directed towards Latin American viewers, with Spanish commentary. From the deserts and forests of North America tothe sparkling Alps, the Andes in Colombia and Patagonia, and beyond; we went on bikes, climbing, canyoneering, skiing and mountaineering, kayaking and more, which gave us an enormous experience in producing in the outdoors. Ten years of producing these adventure shows gave us a head start to the projects that were to come.”




Here we guided the filming crew to the summit of Ojos del Salado (highest volcano in the world) to do the longest bike descent in the world. We also organized the logistics and film production assistance.


2011 to 2019

Peru. From the High Summits to the Sea

Mountain Climbing in Ishinca Valley

Mountain Biking in Cerro Penitentes

Biking in Peru

Circumnavigation of Huascarán

Skiing in te Middle of te Andes

Miracle in the Andes

ESPN Adevnture Reel 2016