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Advance Elements Kayaks

Back in 2015 we traveled to the remote region in Colombia to explore the Rio Inirida and Cerros Mavecure using Advance Elements Kayaks

While filming episodes for ESPN Adventure, Damian and his team have traveled to a number of locations in South America, using the AdvancedFrame Convertible Kayaks and the RapidUp Kayak Sail. In his own words, Damian says “During our remote expeditions, it’s almost impossible to take a hard shell kayak. Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks make it possible for water expedition destinations to happen. Anywhere from the Amazonian waters to remote areas of Columbia & Patagonia, the AdvancedFrame Convertible kayak gives you the freedom to travel, fully capable of touring all types of waters. When spending quite a bit of time kayaking in Columbia, we found it had enough space for carrying our equipment, and handling well with weight & balance. It was perfect for us, as most of our Columbia destination was water, which gives us a whole different level of exploration.”